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Metal wire fan guards are designed for optimal fan airflow and noise reduction. It is an ideal protection against injuries caused by rotating fan blades, and also keep fans and cables safe from damage, and to ensure safe operation. Some fan guards can even improve energy efficiency.

Fan guards typically have an outer ring, concentric ribs and a mounting hole in the center and/or some type of brackets or fasteners around the outside to mount them to the fan or motor. They may be flat, domed and with flat or bowed sides, in addition to custom shapes and configurations.  In addition, fan guards can be anodized, painted and finished in different ways to suit the application and for cosmetic purposes. 

To manufacture a fan guard, different kinds of metal wire, made of stainless steel or bright basic steel, are typically resistance or arc welded into a variety of shapes, from circular to rectangular to custom configurations and sizes depending on their intended use.


Foshan Quanjiu Industry Automation Co., Ltd.

Production flow of fan guards

● Ring making

● Butt welding

● Inner ring spot welding

● Hydraulic press forming

● Outer ring spot welding

● Middle ring spot welding machine

● Edge trimming

● Handle forming

● Handle spot welding

Machine Working Video

Why choose Quanjiu?

Accuracy guaranteed by stringent quality control inspecting strength and adhesion.

Smooth finish on each ring and rib wire.

Durable, all-metal construction for long term reliability and safety.

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