Automatic Wire Ring Making Machine

Automatic Wire Ring Making Machine

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General Description

This machine is widely used for winding round, semi-circle or arc of any angle (concentric angle) of various wire materials. With special mold and adjustable pressing wheel, it can also produce square and oval shapes; non-circular wire. The metal wire will pass through the feeding wheels to be pressed and straightened, and then ring forming.

Main Features and Functions

The controller is designed and produced by our company. It has 15 kinds of parameter storage functions, mathematical display, which can save time, facilitate management, and improve production efficiency.

Heavy-duty mechanical structures and minimum setup requirements due to reasonably design.

Friendly man-machine interface, user-friendly programming, easy to operate.

Stable: all hydraulic transmission, cycloid motor with a torque of 477Nm, without gear assistance, can reduce gear gap;

Fast & Accurate: the line speed can reach 35 ~ 40m / min; The error of the circumference is±0.50mm.

There is a water-passing device to keep the oil temperature stable, avoid hot weather and long-term work to make the oil temperature too high, to further ensure product accuracy and uninterrupted work.

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Our Customers Feedback

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We have bought 2 Automatic Wire Forming Machines from QuanJiu. The machines are great! Though at the beginning we spent some time learning how to operate the machines, with Ms. Helen’s support, they have been working great for years!


We are a machinery trading company in Korea. We buy machines from China and resell in Korea and Japan. QuanJiu’s machines are great quality! We have bought a lot of machines and resold. Our customers are satisfied with the machines. We have set up long term cooperation with QuanJiu. When machine has a problem during running, we can get in-time technical support from QuanJiu so we can meet our customers’ needs! With QuanJiu’s support, our business is growing quickly!



We bought 2D CNC Wire Bending Machine from QuanJiu to make shelf hooks. The machine is great quality. They sent technical to Vietnam our factory for training. We are satisfied with machine and service. We also recommended a lot of customers for QuanJiu. In the near future, we will buy more machines!

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